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Dispelling Solar Power Myths

Solar Power

Let’s clear up some myths about solar power that may be preventing you from taking advantage of the technology.

As with most new technologies, solar power has been subject to a lot of nasty rumors. It’s only natural that something not everyone fully understands has a lot of myths surrounding it. When we talk about solar power, it’s important that we’re able to separate fact from fiction and ascertain the illuminating facts of solar panels. Here are some of the myths we’ve heard about solar power before that may be holding you back from moving towards clean energy and lower utility bills.

Solar Power is an Unproven Technology

Photovoltaic solar power has been studied for as long as the late 1800s. By 1954, we had already created the first silicon cell capable of turning the sun’s energy into usable power, and then by 1983, worldwide photovoltaic production exceeded 21 megawatts. It’s certainly true that modern solar panels have come a long way since then, but nonetheless, older solar systems have held up and proven the viability of the technology.

Solar Only Works in Certain Climates

We’ve talked at length before about how cloudy and colder areas can still benefit from solar power. The truth is, solar panels often function more effectively in colder temperatures. Common sense indicates that more direct sun exposure produces more power and that is the case, but most modern panels are nonetheless built for efficiency and can still generate plenty of energy in low light areas.

Solar Costs Too Much

We’ve already seen huge drops in the price of solar technology as technology has advanced and production has become easier and cheaper to do. If you take advantage of the financial incentives often offered by installing solar panels, such as rebates and tax breaks, you can actually end up saving quite a good deal of money on your utilities. Here at Solar Home and Roof USA, we aim to find what financing options work for you so you can end up saving in the long run.

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