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Making the World a Better Place With Solar Home & Roof USA, LLC.

Solar Home & Roof USA

Welcome to our new blog! Solar Home & Roof USA aims to offer clean, renewable energy to our customers.

Welcome to our new blog! Here at Solar Home & Roof USA, LLC., we strive to spread knowledge and resources so more people have access to solar energy. For us, it’s not just a business–it’s a sustainable way of living that not only leads to huge savings for homeowners, but for the entire planet that we all inhabit. We’re proud to say that we can offer complete, turnkey solutions and are able to be by our customer’s side during all steps of the process. Sustainability has never been this easy. Let’s take a look at what services and products we’re able to offer.

Why Opt for Solar Panels?

At Solar Home & Roof USA, we’re certainly focused on what solar energy can do for consumers. It isn’t just a way to save on your energy bill or receive tax incentives, but it’s also fantastic for the environment. Solar panels, typically located on the roof, are simply used to generate power via a natural resource–the sun!

How Does it Work?

It’s actually a pretty easy process in which the sun’s photos create a direct current (DC) electric field. Then an inverter converts DC to alternating current (AC) so the power can be used by all of your needs. That AC is routed through the home’s switchboard to supply electricity, but it can also be stored in batteries for later use if it isn’t necessary at the time.

Why Pick Solar Home and Roof USA?

Solar is still a relatively new technology, and like most new technologies, it’s certainly had its growing pains. Some manufacturers and installers tend to focus on the notion of “quantity over quality,” installing cheap panels, made in other countries, that can end up failing due to the lack of quality control.  We work with only American made products that have stood the test of time.

We don’t just stop at our word though–not only are the panels themselves covered under a 25-year warranty, plus our company warranties the installation, labor, and any other parts for 25 years as well. Not to mention the 25-year warranty that comes along with the Microinverters we use from Enphase Energy, which allow you to monitor your system from your phone, computer, or tablet, making your life all that much easier.

Backing Up Solar Power

Solar power can be stored through battery backup storage systems, which provide continuous electricity to your home in the event of a blackout due to an earthquake, storm, or other natural disasters that takes out the power. We’ve provided our customers with reliable and safe battery systems that don’t release any harmful gases, making it completely safe for installation in your home, and away from the elements.

These systems utilize sealed batteries which instantly transfer critical circuits from grid power to back up power in less than a second, rendering all of your precious powered items still functioning in the wake of a power outage. These batteries are also ideal for when it’s nighttime or you’re just using more energy than usual, keeping you up and running no matter what the conditions may be.

Solar Inverters

We also offer solar inverters to go along with your solar panels. There are three kinds that are commonly used for solar power systems.

Microinverters convert DC electricity produced by a single solar panel. Thanks to this design, they can continue working even if one panel were to malfunction. These are powerful units that come with great warranties and are highly efficient but are typically more costly than other kinds.

String inverters are common kinds of inverters that are inexpensive, but don’t have panel level monitoring and may even present a potential safety hazard.  Lastly, central inverters are designed for larger arrays and perform a more consolidated version of string inverters. Central inverters are easy to install and a low capital price per watt, but they’re large, could offer some noise pollution, and aren’t as reliable as microinverters. The major downside to central and string inverters have to do with them being run using a “String Circuit.”  A string circuit is what older style Christmas tree lights run off of.  If one bulb went out, the whole strand of lights would shut off.  In the same sense, with Central inverters and String Inverters if one panel were to stop working the whole system would shut down.

Solar Attic Fans

Keeping your attic well ventilated isn’t just important in saving you money on energy bills, but it’s also a large part in maintaining the overall structure and well being of your home. Poor airflow can lead to moisture buildup that will cause mold growth or wood rot, undermining the overall safety of your home. Ideally, air should enter the attic from the eaves or soffits and escape through the roof’s ridge, but this doesn’t always happen.

To assist in ventilation, many homeowners are now opting to install solar attic fans, which are a simple method of adding a motorized venting system to your home without having to do a bunch of electrical or structural work. Plus, it’ll help you save some money, too.

Power Saver 1200

We’ve always made it a point to pass on savings and great service to our customers, and there is perhaps no better way to do that than the amazing Power Saver 1200. It’s a unique product that offers tons of energy savings all by reducing the amount of power drawn from your utility through the use of harmonic resistant capacitors.

It can be used to reduce the amount of energy the home’s motor loads use like air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, pool pumps, vacuum cleaners, fans, and more. Motor loads are some of the most energy-sucking fixtures your home may have, so the Power Saver 1200 can make a huge difference. In fact, it has a proven track record of increasing a home’s “power factor rating” to a .95 or better–which translates to huge savings for homeowners.

Roofing Installation

We’re known here at Solar Home & Roof USA, LLC. for our approach towards energy, but that isn’t where we stop. Our experts got their start by providing Maryland with traditional residential needs. One of these is roofing installation, which we aspire to do with the same professionalism and quality that we do with our solar panel work. We use the highest quality materials available.

These include the Timberline HD® Shingles from GAF. These shingles are the #1-selling shingles in North America and will protect your home for years to come. We also carry Royal Sovereign® shingles, which are simple and beautiful. These are made using an advanced color sequencing technology, which allows for a rich and vivid design.

We’re able to work on every element of your roof–from the underlayment, the ice and water shield, the flashing, the shingles and tiles, and the trim.

Skylight Installation

Skylights are a great way to add some luxury to your home, but there are some great benefits to them as well. You’ll reap the benefits of more quality light, which can help your health. You’ll also just notice your space feeling more lively and dynamic. That’s why we offer professional skylight installation to make your home unique and beautiful.

Gutters & Gutter Protection

One of the high-quality services we offer is gutter installation and protection. We offer seamless gutter installation to divert rain out of the way, protecting your home from any potential long term damage. Seamless gutters are intended to eliminate the joints that are found in traditional gutters where leaves and other debris may get caught and cause damage.

Financing Options

At Solar Home & Roof USA, we recognize that while all of this technology is great and can offer amazing long term savings, it can be costly up front. We recognize how difficult it can be to work with certain lenders or trying to pay for an environmentally friendly way to power your home. Our goal is to offer our customers the best service possible, and part of that goal means helping in finding financing that makes sense for you. Those may be competitive loans with payments that will work within your budget, all intended to be easy for you to understand and with as few hoops to jump through as possible.

The fact is, we believe in solar power. The more people that want to invest in it, the better the world will be. Solar power should be accessible for people and we aim to help you find financing that works for you so paying for your energy can be a breeze.

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