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What Does Snow Do to Your Solar Power System?

Solar Power System

Can snow and ice have a negative impact on your solar power system? Let’s take a look.

It’s another winter in Maryland, which means that snow and ice are on the way! Snow does have an effect on solar power systems, and it’s important to know what to do before the flakes starting falling. Here is what you need to know about what snow can do to your solar power system.

Don’t Clean Off the Snow

The dark surface of your solar panels is designed to gather the energy from the sun, so it will help to melt off the snow that has accumulated on the glass surface. If you try to rake off snow instead, you could actually damage the solar panels and scratch them up. It’s also dangerous to get on your roof to check your solar power system after it snows since the surface will be incredibly slippery. Instead, just leave the snow and wait for it to melt off on its own.

Don’t Worry About Losing Power

One of the primary reasons why homeowners with solar power systems worry about cleaning off their solar panels is because they worry about decreased energy as a result. While your solar power system might temporarily stop producing, your system has been carefully designed with yearlong energy production and consumption in mind. The extra credits that you managed to rack up during the sunny summer months will come in handy now that it’s colder and the days are shorter!

You Might Come Out Better than Before

The one hidden benefit of snow on your solar power system is the potential increase in production once the snow has melted off of your solar panels. Since panels are designed to perform very well on cold and sunny days, the snow could end up benefitting you in the long run anyways! The snow covering your street will help to reflect even more sun onto your panels, making the snowstorm you were initially annoyed at something that’s potentially great.

Don’t Panic!

Our final advice is the simplest—don’t panic! If you are worried that your solar power system got damaged or negatively affected by the snow, you can always call Solar Home & Roof USA for an evaluation of your system.

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