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Why Should You Work With a Professional Solar Installer?

Solar Installer

Some projects are best done by yourself but investing in a professional solar installer has its benefits.

Many homeowners are advocates of DIY work ethic and believe they can save a pretty penny by doing the job themselves. A lot of the cost of any home project comes from labor, so if you can do the labor yourself, surely you can save some money and still get the job done in a quality way. Solar is a different story however, and while it’s tempting to purchase your own panels and install them yourself, it’s recommended to always work with a professional solar installer.

What System Do You Need?

While the actual installation process is difficult, that isn’t the bulk of the difficulty: it’s knowing what kind of system you need. Your solar installer will be able to let you know what size system you need depending on your electrical usage, as well as whether or not your roof has the right amount of space at the right angle. Experience means they’ll be able to get the most out of your system, and while those savings may not be readily apparent, it will be clear over the course of a few years that having a pro get the job done saved you some money overall.

Complications and Dangers

There’s a high risk of injury when you do complicated wiring work like this on your own and that risk can last into the future if you do a poor job initially. There’s a serious risk of electrocution and even fires spreading. This is why in some states, you’re required to have certain certifications to wire solar panels. Good solar installers have knowledge from a number of disciplines, including roofing work and electrician work. Your solar installer will also already have the necessary meters, instrumentation, and even the proper safety equipment to keep them—and you—safe.

Meeting All Requirements

A knowledgeable solar installer will know all of the local, state, and national standards that must be met for your solar system to be legal. This means they can help you get all necessary approvals or permits depending on where you live. Everyone from your power company to your city planning departments could have regulations regarding solar, so it’s important to work with a professional solar installer to ensure the job is done right.

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