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Gutters & Gutter Protection

Although Solar Home & Roof USA, LLC. is known as a premiere provider of residential solar paneling and energy installation, we are proud that our reputation was initially built on years of experience in all aspects of residential home improvement. Before solar energy became an amazing reality for the consumer, our expert team started its journey in providing Maryland homeowners with its traditional residential needs.

Another of the high-quality services that we provide is that of gutter installation and gutter protection, and we bring the same professionalism, quality, and true customer satisfaction to every project that we take on.

Seamless gutter installation is one of the most popular and most effective ways to divert rain water to a spot where it won’t damage your property. While older gutters are prone to clogs, seamless gutter installations are designed to eliminate the joints where leaves and other debris would tend to get stuck and cause backups. In general, gutters and downspouts are important for the health and well-being of your house.

By directing roof runoff away from your foundation walls, this drainage system is your first line of defense against basement or crawl space flooding. A well-functioning gutter and downspout system preserves your topsoil and protects exterior siding and trim from backsplash water that can damage paint and cause wood rot.

Contact Solar Home & Roof USA, LLC. at 410-266-7891 or email us at to learn about our many solar powered products, and how we can power your home in the most environmentally-safe, and cost-efficient way! We’re conveniently located at 3200 Escapade Circle, Riva, Maryland 21140. Contact us today to get your free quote and learn how solar energy can benefit your family!